Why Meena Bazar

  We carry a number of authentic goods in our store and online which we source directly from the producer, like different varieties of rice, vegetable, honey, ghee & all our organic products.

 Our store and online shopping experience is unique and second to none in the industry. Our online shopping experience is the most user friendly one where you can shop very easily and quickly. In our stores we have the best employees helping you during your shopping so that you have a very good experience.

 At Meena Bazar we not only think about profitability rather we maintain good relationship with the producer and manufacturer who are our partner in the business and ensure a good platform for the business to happen. We try to source our produce directly from the grower so that they can get the best price. We source FMCG directly from the manufacturer so that you can purchase those are genuine.

Our business is customer focused and we try to satisfy them in every possible ways. If you are not happy with our product or service then you can always raise it with us through email or phone and we will try and address that in shortest possible time.