About Us

Meena Bazar is a well reputed retail supermarket chain in Bangladesh with International standards. It started its operation in 2002 and runs outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna division. Every Meena Bazar outlet carries almost 6,000-8,000 products to sell. It provides convenient shopping experience, friendly customer service along with easy parking provisions for its customers.  Meena Bazar is a subsidiary of Gemcon Group. It also produces organic products, dairy items, prepared food & herbal products.
Meena Bazar is the first retail superstore in Bangladesh that has a website to shop online. We launched our website in April, 2012, and now we deliver in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong.  We took this initiative to make customer life easier. Online shopping with Meena Bazar saves time and it is also very convenient for our customer as we face more and more traffic these days.

At Meena Bazar we not only sell the products to the customers, we try to convey the product benefits to them too. In order to provide the customers with the best possible value for their money, we procure the products directly from the farmers, removing the middlemen, while ensuring high quality, freshness and continuous availability. Meena Bazar is also known as one of the trustworthy food suppliers of the nation. Meena Bazar is committed to deliver the best available products to the customers and is now expanding more to serve Bangladeshi customers better.